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ed by enforcing tougher monetary po▓licies if necessary.Stronger yua▓n seems inevitableThe Western media often claims China is a “currency manipulator” and should face punitive retribution for allegedly engaging in actions to keep the Chinese yuan values low, compared ▓to the US dollar, Euro and British pou▓nd.Yes, China has enjoyed a large trade surplus with the USA, but other factors are at pl▓ay

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as well. Beijing had created a favorable business climate for its manufacturing c▓ompanies, by offering low tax rate


s, a▓nd they could hire employees at significantly lower wages than in the US.Nonetheless, labor and o▓perations cos

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ts have risen rapidly in China, com▓pelling factories to move over to Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere. According

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ly, t▓he drive for a lower valued RMB no▓ longer seems to be as attractive.A strong▓er yuan can spark more foreign investors to cash in on the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges that have r▓ecently c

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ange to make it easier for fo▓reigners to buy and sell listed Chine▓se stocks.Luring in more inbound touristsCh▓ina remains a mystery to many people all over the world. Global citizens hear so many stories

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bad. The na▓tion has risen to become the worl▓d’s second-largest economy in the worl▓d, but it’s inbound tourism sector lags behind, compared to the Uni▓ted States, Europe and northeast Asian

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